QuickBooks Pro 2013 14.0.3 R4

Powerful financial accounting software

QuickBooks Pro is designed for all those that feel their current accounting software is either too limited, doesn't have enough features or doesn't support online banking and need a completely professional solution. View full description


  • Very professional - covers all aspects of running a business
  • Elegant, slick interface
  • Guide Me feature
  • Integrates with iCal, Address Book and MobileMe


  • Somewhat limited compared to Windows version especially on Payroll
  • Not as many desktop shortcuts


QuickBooks Pro is designed for all those that feel their current accounting software is either too limited, doesn't have enough features or doesn't support online banking and need a completely professional solution.

QuickBooks Pro is ideal for those running a business and need a powerful accounting software solution. What' s more, it's ideal for those that have recently switched to Mac from Windows and want to import their QuickBooks for Windows or even Quicken for Mac data.

When you install QuickBooks Pro and choose to setup a New Account, you are taken through a setup wizard which first requests your tax registration details and a category for your area of business. After this the program's main interface opens - but don't be overwhelmed - it tries to help you by highlighting the key areas it thinks are appropriate using the Guide Me switch which is located in the top right corner.

Guide Me is activated by default meaning when you click on a section - such as Enter Bills - a dialog on the right hand side pops up helping you along. Amongst the type of tasks you can choose from are Create Sales Receipts, Enter Bills, Write Checks and View Finance Charges. If you switch Guide Me off, you'll be able to see the entire layout and options available. You'll see that QuickBooks is separated into different categories such as Vendor, Customer and Employee.

The depth of QuickBooks Pro is quite astonishing. You can do absolutely everything from creating invoices and paying bills online to managing expenses and gaining insights into your business with over 100 reports. It also integrates with MobileMe, Address Book and iCal. The only slight downside is that it isn't completely same as the more advanced Windows version. For example, there are far fewer keyboard shortcuts in the Mac version and there's no support for content menus by CMD-clicking (right-click on Windows).

Overall however, QuickBooks Pro is a superb financial accounting app that will satisfy all but the most demanding business owner.


  • Please Note: QuickBooks 2013 is a $199.96 paid upgrade from previous version of QuickBooks.
  • Attachment that is deleted from QuickBooks will no longer appear in the attached documents library folder.
  • Video added for "Creating Invoices"
  • Layout Designer will no longer freeze upon opening if a custom field on a template is marked to print.
  • Text color will preview and print correctly on customized templates.
  • Resizing columns by dragging from between the Description and Quantity columns will now work correctly on Estimates, Sales Receipts, and Credit Memos.
  • Check number will now populate for transactions when payee and account fields are prefilled.
  • The annual interest rate for Finance Charges will now allow 5 decimal places.
  • Cash flow classifications will no longer be lost when upgrading the company file.
  • Account number will appear in Account field of Reconcile window, if pre-selected on Chart of Accounts.
  • Subaccount transactions will now show when reconciling the parent account.
  • Date ascending is now the default sort order for transactions when Reconcile window opens.
  • Users can now use the keyboard arrows to navigate through the list of transactions and can press the space bar to select/de-select transactions.
  • When a subaccount is pre-selected on the Chart of Accounts, the parent will no longer be selected in the Account field when Reconcile is opened.
  • Profit & Loss Budget Overview will now be correct if the company's Fiscal Year is not equal to the Calendar Year.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Sales Tax Liability report to show an incorrect amount of tax due.
  • Closing the Users and Passwords window before it opens completely will no longer result in an exception.
  • File Tax Forms icon on the homepage is no longer missing.
  • Command + period will return user to No Company Open screen from login user list window.


QuickBooks Pro 2013 14.0.3 R4